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Fernando Carrillo was born on January 6, 1970 in Caracas, Venezuela as Fernando Enrique Carrillo Roselli. He is FERNANDO CARRILLO, an actor, known for his many leading roles on television and in cinema. Among his most recognized work are; Rosalinda 1999, Spin 2007, Las Llaves De La Independencia 2005, and Abigail 1990. Fernando Carrillo has been a top seller for the major latino television networks such; TELEVISA, TELEVISORA ESPAÑOLA, VENEVISION and TELEMUNDO just to mention a few. Generating millions of money in revenew for the networks.

His work has been translated to more than 7 languages and his TV Shows have been sold to the world in 5 continents and in more than 110 countries worldwide. He's reached more than 500,000,000 spectators that have heard, seen and loved Fernando Carrillo. His name recognition is a branding asset to any audiovisual production.

He was raised and educated mostly in London, England, which has given him a unique blend of Latin and European flare that enhances his natural charm. Fluent in several languages; Spanish (Mexican, Spanish, Argentenean and Venezuelan accents), English (British, Californean and Latino accents), Italian. He attended the “Universidad Central De Venezuela” where he enrolled in Social Studies. He lives in Malibu, California, where he is pursuing to crossover career into the U.S. Fernando is currently, participating in “Bailando Por Un Sueño 2016”, which is the most viewed TV show of Cono Sur, South America. In addition Fernando Carrillo is an accomplished Musician, Singer and Songwriter. Presently launching his latest single “Angel Fallen From The Sky” in Spain, Argentina and worldwide through Itunes and his social media @Ferrcarrillo. A more detailed Filmography can be found on IMDB under Fernando Carrillo.


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